CRITIQUE: O Perfect Day
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                The story started at a bus as they went home from their trip. It is about a very nice trip with their friends and family. Well for others like Bebe it was not a very happy trip. There are things that happened that made her sad. Like what happened to her and Kint. She is also afraid of some things just like what happened to her when she was young. Also she is like daydreaming about the vampire and other stuff. While the others had their nice day she had a very different day. Her day wasn’t so nice.

             The story is well written. It is like that you will feel that you are in that same place as where the author’s is telling. You feel that you are in that place with the happy people around. For her having this “perfect day” is not about being happy. Perfect day for her is about feeling everything, laughing, being sad etc. She also spent time with the loved ones like her family and friends. Even there is a conflict between her and Klint. She feels that it is still a perfect day to look forward to the next day.

                Maybe like this story we should learn to look at things in life in a different way. Maybe there are times that our day isn’t right but we should look it the other way. Maybe this is a trial in our life. We should be thankful for that day that we have and just be happy and go on. Tomorrow will bring us our dreams and also our fears. Life is hard, but just goes on and think positive.

                  I can say that her story is well written. Estrella Alfon received many Palanca Awards. She is a very good writer. She makes you feel that you are with her as she writes her stories about "Perfect Day". Maybe this is an old story or old setting but still it feels that you can see what she wants you to see as I read the story. After reading this book it made me feel to think positively about my day. Even how worst my day is, I just need to see the next day and what it holds. 

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  1. The narrator is not Bebe. . .

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